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Welcome to Koss Decoy Company

I live in Lexington Michigan near the shores of Lake Huron just below Michigan's thumb. The shores of Michigan provide waterfowl hunters with a variety of ducks to hunt. My father is the person who first got me interested in waterfowl hunting. We hunted for a number of years together in the marshes and small ponds. My dad would buy his decoys from a man named Cecil Rollins who hand carved his decoys from cedar blocks. Mr. Rollins lived in Harbor Beach Michigan. This town has a marina and plenty of shoreline to hunt ducks. I remember one Saturday morning visiting Mr. Rollins to purchase decoys from him and asked him if he would teach me how to carve. Mr. Rollins spent many a good Saturday morning teaching me how to carve decoys. It's been twenty years since my first attempt at carving and Mr. Rollins has since passed on. I have developed my own carving style, but still continue to relish the memories of a true craftsman and his style. Today my shop has a collection of Mr. Rollins decoy's dating back to the 1960's. Collecting decoys from years past from other carvers is my hobby and interest. Also, new to me  is restoring old wooden decoys. I enjoy bringing old decoys back to what they may  have looked like when they were  first carved. I have restored mostly Mason decoys.  Please feel free to browse my website to view my carvings, restorations, and collections.

                                                                          Brian Koss







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